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The passion for construction hit Ruben at a very young age, while most kids summers were spent playing with friends, he remembers working during summer breaks going around the neighborhoods knocking on doors looking for work. He would offer to cut their grass and clean up their yards for only a few dollars. 

This lead to many early mornings and long nights, but the satisfaction to serve and impress put a smile on both his and customers faces.

Throughout the years Ruben worked his way up with large construction firms, gathering knowledge on how to manage a big team working on even bigger projects Setting the example was how he lead his team. Always inquisitive, his mind questioned the how and why to be a better problem solver. From a young age the goal was… “One day I’ll have my own construction company where we will all get along as a family and we all grow together”.

His vision has always been to build a company with a culture that promotes “Family” with everyone he employs. To build a legacy for his son and generations to come. Today Ruben’s mission as owner and operator of Matador Construction is to not be the biggest, but to be the best. We’ll grow this business with hard work, dedication and the highest quality of work possible. 

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